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What They Don’t Tell You About Divorce

They say that when you forgive, you can heal. And when you decide it’s time to let go, you can grow into a new future. But that is probably easier said than done, since divorce is something that can truly uproot our lives and sense of self. Rarely does anyone actually expect to be divorced in the future, since most of us are hoping for a forever ending. As a divorce lawyer at Winfrey Law Firm, PLLC explains, if you are headed towards divorce, there are some things you should know that people may not tell you outright, but are important to be aware of before proceeding forward. 

Divorce will bring out the worst in everyone. 

Divorce is difficult, to say the least. What used to be small arguments may now be exacerbated simply because you are going through divorce together. While challenging to do at times, try to maintain the best version of who you are and the person you want to be despite the turbulent proceedings. Your ex, family members, shared friends, and others involved in your life may react in ways that you hadn’t anticipated. And because your ex is no longer driven to keep the marriage together, you may find they are uncooperative and spiteful. By having your lawyer by your side, they can protect you if your spouse starts acting out. 

If you have shared children, you are tied together forever.
You may think that divorce is going to get you far away from your spouse, but if you have children together, your responsibility to parent your kids doesn’t stop. You will have to find a way to work together regarding custody and visitation. And if you can’t, then you will have to attend court and plead your case to a judge who will have the ultimate say. Unfortunately, you may think divorce means that you will never have to see your ex again, but that may not be possible. This is particularly true if you have shared children together, as that ties you together, whether you are married or not.

Your questions will need answering, so use a lawyer. 

As soon as family members, friends, and coworkers find out you are going through a divorce, they will probably want to offer advice, especially if they are divorced themselves. But try to take their insight with a grain of salt, because every divorce case is unique. Not all the facts of one marriage are going to be the same for another since the people and circumstances within them are different. You will have plenty of questions and concerns along the way, but ideally, you’ll have a lawyer to give you reliable guidance that is true for your individual situation. 

Divorce is something we may not expect to happen, but there are times when it’s the route we must take. It’s hard to be fully prepared for divorce and all the nuances involved, so consider having a legal team stand by you every step of the way to answer questions and watch out for your best interests.