What Could Slow Down My Divorce?

If you plan to get a divorce, you may want to speak with a divorce lawyer residents trust. You want someone knowledgeable and experienced on your side during this time. A skilled lawyer, such as from the Law Office of Daniel E. Stuart, P.A. can guide you through the entire process and answer all of your questions.

Things That Can Slow Down a Divorce

A divorce is a stressful ordeal, so you naturally want to get it over with as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, however, there may be certain things that can slow down the process, such as:

  • You have a high-net worth divorce. The more your marital assets are worth, the longer your divorce may take to finalize. If you have numerous valuable assets, you and your ex-spouse may have a trickier time dividing all of them in court.
  • You and your ex-spouse own a business. If you and your ex-spouse went into business together during your marriage, you can expect your divorce to take longer to complete. It is difficult to put an absolute value on a business, so you and your ex may take a while to come to an agreement. Additionally, if you or your ex are planning to leave the business, it can complicate matters even further.
  • You have children. If you and your ex-spouse have minor children, it will likely slow down the divorce process. As a divorce lawyer can confirm, both parents do not always agree on what’s best for their kids after a divorce. If you and your ex can’t come to a custody arrangement, a judge will consider the best interests of a child and determine an arrangement.
  • You and your ex-spouse can’t agree. In order for a divorce to go smoothly, you and your ex will have to compromise on some matters, such as property division and alimony. If you can’t do that, your divorce may last longer than you want it to. 
  • You do not have a prenuptial agreement. One of the advantages of a prenuptial agreement is that it can make divorce proceedings easier. Matters like property division are already in this agreement, so you do not have to spend time negotiating.

Consulting a Divorce Lawyer

Divorces can be difficult on everyone involved. When they drag on and on, they can be even more stressful. One way to make things a little simpler is to work with an experienced divorce lawyer. A lawyer can help you file the paperwork accurately and by deadline, negotiate with the other side and look out for your best interests.

During your initial meeting with your lawyer, be prepared to answer several questions about your case and bring any documents pertaining to your divorce, such as tax returns, mortgage statements and prenuptial agreements. The more information your lawyer has to go on, the better he or she can assist you.

Schedule a consultation with a divorce lawyer to discuss your case in detail.