Potential Domestic Abuse Consequences

Domestic Violence Lawyer

It can be a daunting time in your life if you are facing charges for domestic abuse. This is why it is important to know what potential consequences can come from this. It’s also important that you get a qualified lawyer by your side as soon as you can. The sooner you have someone that can guide and advise you through each step, the better chance you have of mitigating any damages that could come your way. 

Understanding Potential Penalties 

No matter what, the penalties you can face are going to depend on the charges. The most common type of domestic violence is when someone assaults another person. Often times this can be a false acquisition but that is why you need to contact a lawyer as soon as possible. If this is the case for you, and you should be found guilty, then the maximum penalty is 10 years in jail on an assault in the second degree. 

If you are being charged with assault in the first degree the consequences grow. For this type of charge, you could face 25 years in prison. Typically this type of assault is viewed more harshly because it is often more severe. For this charge often the person that is hit has a broken bone from the hit or is in a coma from the assault. 

Long-Term Consequences 

Aside from the jail time that could be faced, there are long term consequences as well. One of the biggest ones is the public label of an abuser. In most cases, people do not want someone convicted of domestic violence in their workplace or neighborhood. Not only that, but companies will not hire someone convicted of domestic violence either. There is the worry that the person could become violent at work and no company wants that. 

Due to the social stigma and employment challenges that a case like this can bring, it is important to try to reduce the charges and mitigate the damages. There is no going back and undoing the assault that led to the domestic violence charge you are facing, but there are ways to reduce the damage they can bring. 

A qualified lawyer will take the time to understand your side of the case, and won’t judge you for the type of case you have. They will do their best to mitigate the damages to give you the most favorable outcome possible for your case. Since the judges often don’t look kindly at cases that have this type of charge on them. 

If you are facing a domestic violence charge it truly is in your best interest to contact a trusted lawyer today. You can rest assured that a domestic violence lawyer at the Law Office of Daniel J. Wright will look over your case and give you all the information you need.