Did You Sustain an Injury On the Job?

Did You Sustain an Injury On the Job?

Sustaining an injury while you are working can make life extremely difficult because you may need to take weeks or months off of work while recovering from your injuries. Not only can this be a painful process, but it can also mean you are not getting paid since you are unable to go to work. Perhaps you have already filed a workers’ compensation claim so that you can get your medical bills paid off and get a paycheck while you cannot work. However, if insurance denied your workers’ compensation claim, you may be lost for what to do next. 

Why was my claim denied in the first place? 

When an employee files a workers’ compensation claim and insurance denies that claim, they may feel that they have no other options. However, an attorney, like an on-the-job injury lawyer from a law firm like Rispoli & Borneo, P.C. knows that you can file an appeal for a denied claim. First, you are going to want to know why they denied your claim in the first place. When an insurance company sends you a letter for a denied claim, they should clearly state in that letter why they did not move forward with giving you compensation. Some common reasons are: 

  • You missed the deadline. Every state had a certain deadline for when you must report your injury to your supervisor and when you can file your workers’ compensation claim. If they allege that you did not file on time, this could be a reason for the denial. 
  • They argue that your injury was not from work. When you submit a claim, you will need to state how you got your injury. This means you will need details regarding what you were doing at the time of the accident, how you got the injury, if anyone else was involved, and what time it happened. This can be more difficult if you travel for your job.
  • You were goofing around. If you and another employee were fighting, goofing around, or roughhousing, insurance may not consider this to be a work injury. It is imperative that you document exactly what happened. 

Appealing a denied workers’ compensation claim after you were injured on the job is not easy. You may find that you have a better chance at winning an appeal with the help of a local attorney. Want to fight this denied claim? Consider seeing how a local attorney can help you with your case.